Teaching all ages & abilities to swim.

Here at Billie’s Fins Swim School we have a great passion for teaching swimming. Our lessons cater for babies from 3 months to children and adults. We understand that children learn best when they feel happy and comfortable therefore our lessons are filled with a variety of fun activities to help them progress on their swim journey.

Billie's Fins Swim School

Group lessons

Babies 3+ months

Adult and Little Fin lessons (Parent and Child)

Levels 1-6 from 3.5 + years. 


Private lessons

1-1 lessons

2-1 lessons 

Adult Private Lessons

Where to find us

Swimming lessons at Peterborough (Eye) and Spalding (Pinchbeck).

Why choose BilliesFins?

Our lessons are taught with passion.


Here at Billies’sFins we are passionate about teaching all ages and abilities to swim. We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, caring, fun yet professional environment. By creating a happy, safe environment we believe that it allows swimmers personalities to flourish, which gives swimmers the confidence and passion they need, not just in the water, but also in life in general.